Saturday, October 10, 2009

Syawal came and going......

It seems as though ramadan was just here and all of the sudden, its almost end of Syawal. How time flies......(when we're having fun!??). Maybe! This Syawal was a little different from before. It was the first time in many years we celebrated 1st day of Raya with my hubby's siblings. This time my hubby wants to have Nasi Tomato and mind you, we had 7 dishes to go with it. Planning was crucial, coz we have to have everything ready and packed early, before the raya prayers.

Right after prayers we loaded everything into the car boot and off we went to our Kak Arah's house at TTDI. Since everybody brought some food, the spread was fantastic. We had ketupat, lemang noodles even bubur pulut hitam for dessert. It just made me realise though, it wasn't a good idea to have everything in one day. We end up not tasting most of the dishes. I still felt that I have not tasted the real 'raya' since I have not had proper ketupat with kuah lodeh,sambal kacang and serunding. Maybe adding sambal goreng will make it just perfect! I will have to go to the market and find some daun kelapa.....tomorrow.

My homestay has also took off quite well. This month will be hectic due to Uitm convocation. We also had some guest who came for weddings. So far we had good feedback from our guests. Hopefully they will spread the word arround.

In a short while, we are going to our neighbour's wedding invitation. Their first daughter's. Emm... nak pakai baju apa????