Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cuti CNY kat Melaka

Semalam kami sekeluarga bertolak ke Melaka. Baca facebook Bali, kata highway ke selatan jam gila. Jadi we decided to use the coastal road, via sepang and PD. WORST decision ever. Pagi tu bangun tido dah memang migrane, lalu jalan tu, mabuk dibuatnye. Dah lepas Pd, kita keluar balik masuk Highway. Sampai Melaka macam nak pecah kepala.

Anak2 seronok. Jumpa sepupu mereka. Lepas Solat asar, tak lengah2, terus pergi pool. Ari ni pun celik mata je dah start program mereka. Tadi, ibu2 sempat pegi shopping kat plaza mahkota. Jap lagi nak keluar makan yong tau foo.

Okay, got to go. Nak solat dulu.....

Monday, February 1, 2010

Service Kereta

Ni saya tengah boring tunggu kat "Waiting Room" workshop kereta. Padan dengan muka saya. Semalam Kak Long cuti, Hari Wilayah, saya lupa nak pegi hantar servis. Malam tadi, Shapiee talipon dari Jakarta, tanye samada saya dah servis ke belum. Terpaksalah pegi workshop ari ni dan kena tunggu. Ramai pulak customer ari ni, nak dekat CNY agaknye. Nasib baik ingat cekut notebook ni, bolehlah google2.

Kadang2 kalau tak ramai customer, pekerja workshop ni rajin juga melayan hantar saya balik atau datang rumah ambil kereta. Tapi ni tengah busy ni, bo layan lah. Sebenarnya this workshop is owned by a few malay mechanics and they only specialize in certain cars. Their service is very good and all their workers are also young malay mechanics. Highly professional and admirable.

Kalau ramai lagi pengusaha melayu seperti mereka, tentu bangsa melayu lebih berdaya maju. Selama kami berurusan dengan mereka, belum pernah lagi nampak tempat ni lengang. Workshopnya bersih dan teratur. Bilik saya menunggu ni pun berhawa dingin, bersih dan lengkap dgn water dispenser, TV berbagai majalah dan akhbar.

Tapi, harap2 kejap lagi siap lah kereta saya. Oo yes, saya mintak cuci sekali. Kejap saya intai...emm tengah cuci tu. Bagus bagus... Aiman ada latihan sukan jap lagi. Nak kena antar gi sekolah.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot hot Chicken $^!#

Guess what??!!! I'M STILL ALIVE!!!. Alive and kicking....Okay, I know I have not been posting anything for the past 3 months, that is why I think a change of name to this blog is appropriate. I think the title to this post is more suited. Direct translation to "Hangat hangat tahi ayam".

When I started the blog, of course I have every intention to be updating my fellow friends and family to all the 'going-ons' around me, however things don't go according to plan. Time I do have, but there are other reasons why I could not spare my time for this.

That being said, I do have a lot happening between then and now. Well, for starters, my family and I spent a week in Gold Coast, Australia, end of November. We rented a 4 bedroom bungalow and rented a van. It was one of the best holidays we had. The kids had a blast at the theme parks while we adults went for a leisure drive or check out the shopping malls or farmers market. We also took a day to drive up to Brisbane. One thing that I was so attracted to is their houses built on the edges of the many lakes or what they term as waters. It is like a network of waterways and all those houses has a small jetty where they parked their boats. Its really lovely...
Having Fish & Chips at the Mermaid beach

The Kid's at Koala Sanctuary

In December, I had the chance to help Pati with her hantaran for Along's wedding. However I couldn't make it to the wedding. Sorry Pati. Hope I can come for future weddings, probably Ana's. Then the next week, we went down to JB for my niece's wedding. It was a joyous occasion. Tahirah, the bride was very pretty in a dress designed by my other niece, Unaisah. Do check out her blog Studio 26. Tahirah was such a sport.

Then, early January, just like everyone else, the new school year starts. Getting back to the routine of urging my two boys to keep to their schedule. This year, Aiman is in Year 6 and Adam year 4. Both have extra 1/2 hr daily in school. Aiman for UPSR extra classes and Adam for his Tasmik and Bahasa Arab. So, they even has less time in between for lunch and zohor before agama school starts at 2.30pm. Poor fellas. This year I manage to arrange a home tuition for them. It's a three hour session on every Sunday afternoon.

Then, I was also kept busy for Adek's majlis bertunang. It was held on 16th January. Everything went quite well despite the short preparation time. Kakak will be engaged in February. Insyallah, the majlis will be held sometime in May. I will extend my invitation when we have confirmed the exact date. Ooo yes, Norlela came to my house for the bertunang the other day. Thanks Lela. For the rest, not that I don't want to invite, it wasn't a grand one. Just our close relatives and Lela happen to be nearby.
Adik and Her Fiance ( Rohaizat)
Me and Future Besan
So now, I am kept busy preparing for Kakak's engagement.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Syawal came and going......

It seems as though ramadan was just here and all of the sudden, its almost end of Syawal. How time flies......(when we're having fun!??). Maybe! This Syawal was a little different from before. It was the first time in many years we celebrated 1st day of Raya with my hubby's siblings. This time my hubby wants to have Nasi Tomato and mind you, we had 7 dishes to go with it. Planning was crucial, coz we have to have everything ready and packed early, before the raya prayers.

Right after prayers we loaded everything into the car boot and off we went to our Kak Arah's house at TTDI. Since everybody brought some food, the spread was fantastic. We had ketupat, lemang noodles even bubur pulut hitam for dessert. It just made me realise though, it wasn't a good idea to have everything in one day. We end up not tasting most of the dishes. I still felt that I have not tasted the real 'raya' since I have not had proper ketupat with kuah lodeh,sambal kacang and serunding. Maybe adding sambal goreng will make it just perfect! I will have to go to the market and find some daun kelapa.....tomorrow.

My homestay has also took off quite well. This month will be hectic due to Uitm convocation. We also had some guest who came for weddings. So far we had good feedback from our guests. Hopefully they will spread the word arround.

In a short while, we are going to our neighbour's wedding invitation. Their first daughter's. Emm... nak pakai baju apa????

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadan 2009

Diam tak diam dah 14 hari kita berpuasa tahun ini. Saya rasa ramadan kali ini berlalu dgn begitu cepat. Kalau tahun2 yg dulu, adakalanye saya rasa masa bergerak perlahan. Mungkin kerana bosan atau mungkin kekadang dek kurang kesabaran menghadapi cabaran. Maklumlah, kita manusia biasa, walaupun tahu bulan ini kita patut melatih diri dan meneruskan amalan2, kekadang kita tetap lemah.

Saya rasa Ramadan kali ini cabarannye mungkin kurang. Saya tak begitu tertekan dengan masa dan keadaan sekeliling yang begitu nyaman. Cuaca sepanjang Ramadan ni pun selalu hujan. Jadi suhunye lebih sejuk. Anak2 pun hanya akan ke sekolah selama 10 hari sahaja sepanjang ramadan ini.

Aiman dan Adam begitu seronok berpuasa. Tak ada rungutan langsung. Cuma kekadang nak bangun sahur tu liat sedikit. Lagi pulak, babah dia orang tak pergi Jakarta sehingga lepas raya. Jadi puasa ni, dapatlah dia melayan selera mereka membeli juadah di pasar ramadan.

Semalam kami makan nasi ambang. Siap bungkus dgn daun pisang yg diambil kat belakang rumah. Pas tu kami goreng keropok lekor yg Kak Long beli kat Terengganu. Sedap betul keropok tu. Ari ni kalau ikut menu Ramadan saya, saya akan masak Kuey Teow Daging Lada Hitam. Masakan ini saya belum pernah masak tapi pernah makan dulu. Baru jumpa resepinye. Jadi buat berubah selera, saya akan cuba. Susah sikit masak waktu puasa ni. Tak boleh rasa. Jadi masa berbuka tu suspense sikitlah. Minggu lepas, kami jemput housemate suami di Jakarta, sekeluarga berbuka dgn kami. Saya pun kononnye masak beriani Johor. Hah! Suami saya kata "Ini bukani Nasi Berani, ini Nasi Takut. Takut bubuh garam". Betullah tu. Nasi saya tawar. Tak reti angar. Nasib baik tawar, kalau masin lagi teruk. Tawar2 pun habis juga nasi yg 2kg tu. Alhamdulillah.

Ok lah, kejap lagi nak solat zohor. Lepas tu siapkan boys nak ke sekolah agama pulak. Mulai kelmarin dia org ada ujian. Oklah...SELAMAT BERAMAL!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Update

Look at the title above and I guess it seems as if I can only update my blog once a month. I do hope it is not the case but with everything that is going around me lately, it is quite inevitable.

The 1st 2 weeks of this month seem to pass by me like a flash. I hardly notice the dates until this morning when I have to write a cheque! Its already the 13th. And we missed the 1st day of the Metrojaya warehouse sale yesterday!! This sale,if you have also been, I believe will agree with me, is worth going to. So I digress! shopping.... do the maths!

Actually I was not busy shopping(though it would have been nice). Early this month, Abg Adon and family came and spend 2 nites with us. Tahirah was looking for a suitable wedding attire and we are all quite excited to help. Then I was busy finishing tidying our old house. We got our first homestay customer last weekend. After furnishing the house, I really hope that our venture will be a success.

Then it was also last Friday that Adam was down with fever. He was coughing, very chesty, complaint of headache and and of course flu. I was really worried with all these epidemic going round....We went to see the doctor and the doctor said not to worry. It was just tonsillitis and he needs the antibiotics.
Three days gone, finished his medicine and he still complaint of headache. Went to the doctor again and now the doctor found that he is whizzing. The doctor prescribed another round of antibiotics and did 3 round of nabs. Still whizzing.

So yesterday, I brought him to DEMC for 2nd opinion. The doctor agreed that the whizzing is very worrying and did a blood test. It was confirm Adam suffered from what they called Bronchopneumonia. So they think that Adam should be admitted and start with intravenous antibiotics. ( He did this treatment once about a year ago). But with the fever and headache, the doctor is also worried that it could be related to H1n1. So my hubby insisted that I bring him to a government hospital for further check.

Shah Alam, being the only city in the world without a public hospital, I have to choose between Klang or PPUM. Since I'm more familiar with UH, I decided to go there ready with some extra clothes in case Adam has to be admitted. The hospital was hectic with so many patient and we really got worried of the VIRUS. Of course we put on the mask, then again the place was bustling with coughing, sneezing people! May Allah save us from the V.

After an X ray, the doctor confirmed that Adam's lungs was indeed infected but the earlier blood test show that it was bacterial and NOT Viral. The doctor retain us for a few hours for observation and whether Adam response to their treatment. Fortunately Adam responded well and the doctor thinks that the treatment can continue at home. He do not have to stay in the hospital. Although it is more comfortable at home, and definitely less exposure to viral infection, I was a little worried of his condition last night.

He gave me quite a scare very early this morning when he started coughing continuously. Luckily after a few more rounds of Ventolin, he seemed fine. I'm still worried about him and pray to Allah so that he can be cured.

I guess that's all for now. My mind is still quite occupied and do not feel like talking about anything else......

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gubahan Hantaran perkahwinan..

Kami juga ada menawarkan pakej mengubah hantaran bagi majlis pertunagan / perkahwinan..
Kami menawarkan pakej harga yang menarik ( bermula dari RM 70 setiap hantaran) ~ harga masih boleh dirunding mengikut design dan bahan yang hendak digunakan...
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Pakej2 menarik disediakan bagi pasangan mempelai.....
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