Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hot hot Chicken $^!#

Guess what??!!! I'M STILL ALIVE!!!. Alive and kicking....Okay, I know I have not been posting anything for the past 3 months, that is why I think a change of name to this blog is appropriate. I think the title to this post is more suited. Direct translation to "Hangat hangat tahi ayam".

When I started the blog, of course I have every intention to be updating my fellow friends and family to all the 'going-ons' around me, however things don't go according to plan. Time I do have, but there are other reasons why I could not spare my time for this.

That being said, I do have a lot happening between then and now. Well, for starters, my family and I spent a week in Gold Coast, Australia, end of November. We rented a 4 bedroom bungalow and rented a van. It was one of the best holidays we had. The kids had a blast at the theme parks while we adults went for a leisure drive or check out the shopping malls or farmers market. We also took a day to drive up to Brisbane. One thing that I was so attracted to is their houses built on the edges of the many lakes or what they term as waters. It is like a network of waterways and all those houses has a small jetty where they parked their boats. Its really lovely...
Having Fish & Chips at the Mermaid beach

The Kid's at Koala Sanctuary

In December, I had the chance to help Pati with her hantaran for Along's wedding. However I couldn't make it to the wedding. Sorry Pati. Hope I can come for future weddings, probably Ana's. Then the next week, we went down to JB for my niece's wedding. It was a joyous occasion. Tahirah, the bride was very pretty in a dress designed by my other niece, Unaisah. Do check out her blog Studio 26. Tahirah was such a sport.

Then, early January, just like everyone else, the new school year starts. Getting back to the routine of urging my two boys to keep to their schedule. This year, Aiman is in Year 6 and Adam year 4. Both have extra 1/2 hr daily in school. Aiman for UPSR extra classes and Adam for his Tasmik and Bahasa Arab. So, they even has less time in between for lunch and zohor before agama school starts at 2.30pm. Poor fellas. This year I manage to arrange a home tuition for them. It's a three hour session on every Sunday afternoon.

Then, I was also kept busy for Adek's majlis bertunang. It was held on 16th January. Everything went quite well despite the short preparation time. Kakak will be engaged in February. Insyallah, the majlis will be held sometime in May. I will extend my invitation when we have confirmed the exact date. Ooo yes, Norlela came to my house for the bertunang the other day. Thanks Lela. For the rest, not that I don't want to invite, it wasn't a grand one. Just our close relatives and Lela happen to be nearby.
Adik and Her Fiance ( Rohaizat)
Me and Future Besan
So now, I am kept busy preparing for Kakak's engagement.