Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August Update

Look at the title above and I guess it seems as if I can only update my blog once a month. I do hope it is not the case but with everything that is going around me lately, it is quite inevitable.

The 1st 2 weeks of this month seem to pass by me like a flash. I hardly notice the dates until this morning when I have to write a cheque! Its already the 13th. And we missed the 1st day of the Metrojaya warehouse sale yesterday!! This sale,if you have also been, I believe will agree with me, is worth going to. So I digress! shopping.... do the maths!

Actually I was not busy shopping(though it would have been nice). Early this month, Abg Adon and family came and spend 2 nites with us. Tahirah was looking for a suitable wedding attire and we are all quite excited to help. Then I was busy finishing tidying our old house. We got our first homestay customer last weekend. After furnishing the house, I really hope that our venture will be a success.

Then it was also last Friday that Adam was down with fever. He was coughing, very chesty, complaint of headache and and of course flu. I was really worried with all these epidemic going round....We went to see the doctor and the doctor said not to worry. It was just tonsillitis and he needs the antibiotics.
Three days gone, finished his medicine and he still complaint of headache. Went to the doctor again and now the doctor found that he is whizzing. The doctor prescribed another round of antibiotics and did 3 round of nabs. Still whizzing.

So yesterday, I brought him to DEMC for 2nd opinion. The doctor agreed that the whizzing is very worrying and did a blood test. It was confirm Adam suffered from what they called Bronchopneumonia. So they think that Adam should be admitted and start with intravenous antibiotics. ( He did this treatment once about a year ago). But with the fever and headache, the doctor is also worried that it could be related to H1n1. So my hubby insisted that I bring him to a government hospital for further check.

Shah Alam, being the only city in the world without a public hospital, I have to choose between Klang or PPUM. Since I'm more familiar with UH, I decided to go there ready with some extra clothes in case Adam has to be admitted. The hospital was hectic with so many patient and we really got worried of the VIRUS. Of course we put on the mask, then again the place was bustling with coughing, sneezing people! May Allah save us from the V.

After an X ray, the doctor confirmed that Adam's lungs was indeed infected but the earlier blood test show that it was bacterial and NOT Viral. The doctor retain us for a few hours for observation and whether Adam response to their treatment. Fortunately Adam responded well and the doctor thinks that the treatment can continue at home. He do not have to stay in the hospital. Although it is more comfortable at home, and definitely less exposure to viral infection, I was a little worried of his condition last night.

He gave me quite a scare very early this morning when he started coughing continuously. Luckily after a few more rounds of Ventolin, he seemed fine. I'm still worried about him and pray to Allah so that he can be cured.

I guess that's all for now. My mind is still quite occupied and do not feel like talking about anything else......


  1. Patutlah lama tak nampak kat blog...siannya! Pati pun baru ambik Iqah dari asrama, dia demam, doktor suruh balik kuarintin kat rumah. Nampaknya penuhlah tangan kita Ha bila ada yang tak sihat dalam rumah .Siang malam berdoa moga-moga dia cuma demam biasa....

  2. segalanya sukar di duga sekarang...kita kena prepair dan alert setiap masa dan persiapan kena rapi....jangan bimbang...kalau ada masalah kita adalah kawan kawan yang boleh ditanya pendapat...bab menu ubat tradisonal tanya lah fatie...masih lawa awalau dah 48 tahun...jangan marah fatie