Thursday, April 30, 2009

East meets West(EMW)

Well, east meets west, cos I just had some goreng pisang/pisang goreng with a cup of brewing earl grey tea. Perfect combination. If the Queen of England had a bite of goreng pisang, she will probably include it in her afternoon tea menu. Or not.

Anyway, Kak Long and I just came back from Jusco to scout for a cheap but fairly good barbecue set. We have not found one that fits our budget. We're planning to organize a bbq when Abg Hafiz and family comes. We'll probably bbq some satay too. EMW?

Tomorrow, Friday is the final of One in a Million, so Esther ,K.Tina's relative will be singing. We are therefore relative by marriage too. This is another case of east meets west? Boleh la ,east M'sia meets West M'sia.

Actually I'm feeling quite lethargic today.Yesterday I spend the whole morning (9.00-12.30) at our old house. Did some scrubbing and dusting. Then the twins and I went to Rosmina spa. I did an hr of reflexology. Feel soooo good. Then had my hair washed too.

After breakfast this morning we went to MPH warehouse sale in PJ. Soooo many books to choose from. Bought 10 books for the boys to share and only one book for me. The twins bought maybe another 10 books. I was so tired after organising the books after we moved 3 mths ago and thought that "no more Books" for at least a couple of mths. Guess we can't fight the temptation.

Ok. Have to go. I'm only on page 27 of the book.


  1. Wow, I came across your blog just a while ago. I also started one. It seems that everybody's blogging. Come visit my blog and leave your comments. But it is quite academic.... Have a nice day... and night salam

  2. Salam, bila baca komen shaari kat blog smsj tu dia mention pasal blog Ha, terus fati cari....hehehe dah pandai berblog dia ye....
    Tahniah Ha!
    Tadi Azida singgah rumah fati , lunch kat rumah, fati sams Ha, tak balas, called, orang lain angkat, sah salah nombor ni. Bila Azida datang, fati checked no hp Ha, lain rupanya, no sapalah yg fati tekan tu ek. One more, no tel rumah Ha kekal yg lama ke atau ada yg baru?

  3. ha
    tahniah..nice blog...happi blogging. semoga mendapat banyak berita dari blog ha...salam
    jida kerumah kau? tu...teringat nasi minyak kau tie

  4. Hi guys! nice to know you've check out my blog. Baru nak belajar. So excuse me. Saya pun taklah pandai sangat menulis, jadi agak kaku. Kalau baca org punya citer, seronok sangat.

    So Shari, lepas ni I will check ou yr blog.

    Ha'ah Pati. Tak dpt pulak msg awak. No rumah pun tak tukar. 58808564. Bestnye Jida pegi rumah awak. Makan ape ye? Insyallah, 1 ari nanti,sampai juga saya kat rumah awak.

    Usop, tq. Nanti rajin2 lah comment. Baru meriah. Saya pun kadang2 buka blog awak. Tapi confusing sikit. Banyak sitenye kan?

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