Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today, already the 28th of April. How time flies. For a housewife like me, today was quite a busy day. My weekly agama class,my ngo meeting which was to be every wednesday, rescheduled to this morning and another agama class in the afternoon which I attended for the 1st time today. All are good and I can't miss any of them. At the same time my duty as my boys' school bus driver cannot be skipped.
Actually, this is the kind of life I thought I should have when I decided to leave my full time job. So this is a really good,fulfilling day.

Sometimes there are a lot of things I wanted to do. I thought if I'm no longer working, I can maybe attend classes, fardu ain,tafsir,tajwid,arabic,some cooking classes or even sewing.But now I realized its not as easy to commit to something and have all the time to fulfil them.I will not give up though. I shall definitely reorganise my time so as to fit in as many meaningful activities as possible.

But one thing I'm so thankful to Allah is that I'm now free to dote on my young children. Its so fulfilling. My poor husband,however, has to be away to earn a living. I hope someday he can be here with us, for good and feel the joy of watching our little boys grow into a good muslim man. Insya'Allah.

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